Bathroom Remodeling in Oakville

The ideal bathroom remodeling contractor listens to their clients’ needs and wants. They steer them toward practical choices that will serve them best over time at fair prices that reflect actual costs. An excellent contracting company will provide stellar services with technique, skill, and expertise – and that contractor is Stillo Construction Co Ltd, Oakville’s number one bathroom remodeling company. 

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Beautiful Bathroom Renovations from Stillo Construction Co Ltd

A new bathroom should be a place of quiet and calm. The user should feel perfectly at ease and comfortable in their surroundings so they can absorb some peace in their chaotic day. Private time in the bathroom has become almost an escape from a hectic life, a retreat we all need and deserve. Stillo Construction Co Ltd believes a bathroom renovation should also be a place of calm, non-chaos. We support the customer from the start to reduce stress and complete the remodel smoothly.

Bathroom Contractor Assistance

We know clients are concerned about budget. With Stillo Construction Co Ltd you can find peace of mind knowing that our rates are the best in the area, and we obtain the highest quality products and materials for less too. Customers benefit from working with us because we have their interests at heart and want them to have an economically sound experience with us. No surprises or unexpected charges here - just an honest estimate that we adhere to.

Skilled Bathroom Contractors

Our level of skill allows us to work faster and more efficiently than the competition - this also factors into cost, as we tend to bill fewer hours. Projects wrap up in days, not weeks. 

Because we are a licensed, certified, and insured team that delivers excellent quality work, having us remodel your bathroom will add long-term and resale value to your property. Home inspectors like proof of professional remodels, and we’ll make sure you have the papers.  

Stillo Construction Co Ltd Bathroom Makeovers

We’re able to operate with such efficiency because we are organized. Our jobsites are always tidy, safe, professional environments where communication is respectful and open. A bathroom makeover project with us happens this way:

  • We will begin by assessing the current bathroom and consulting with you about your goals
  • We will then create a design for your bathroom remodel and have it approved
  • Next, we will calculate an estimate for the cost of the remodel
  • From there, we will prepare the site and remove existing materials
  • We can replace pipes, complete framing, add flooring and fixtures, complete painting and lighting hookups – whatever is required of the construction process
  • We can complete a final walk-through and clean-up before we leave the site.

Services for That New Bathroom Feeling

While we are happy to tear out your bathroom and start from scratch, sometimes a quick change is all you need, consider:

  • Soaking tub installation
  • Multi-head or rain shower installation
  • Tub resurfacing
  • Glass door installation rather than a shower curtain
  • Window replacement
  • Heated flooring
  • Heat lamps
  • Towel and robe warmer
  • Energy efficient low flow shower, faucet
  • Toilet replacement

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