Concrete Work in Oakville

Whatever concrete work you need to do at your commercial, industrial, or residential property, Stillo Construction Co Ltd has the expertise, prices, and customer service you need. Specializing in concrete construction, repairs, and resurfacing, ask us for anything you have in mind when you call us at (416) 540-4596 now.

Concrete Construction Services from Stillo Construction Co Ltd

Call us to pour or repair a concrete foundation or construct any concrete structure, and you’ll have found a concrete company for life. Our trained team masters concrete, with skill, technique, knowledge, and commitment to keeping up with all new technological developments in the industry. We are savvy concrete contractors who work efficiently with cutting-edge machinery and practices for fast, excellent results.

Concrete Resurfacing Experts

Concrete resurfacing is the best way to resolve cracked, crumbling concrete in driveways, parking lots, patios, walkways, etc. It’s much more cost-effective than concrete replacement, where an entire structure has to be removed and replaced. Resurfacing is the best solution, and we’ll show you why.

Book an assessment. We’ll measure the area in question and consult about materials and options.

Concrete Crack Repair Methods

After the assessment and consultation, we provide a list of material costs, projected labor hours, and a timeline until completion. When an estimate is approved, we schedule a date, and we’ll be there on time and fully prepared to begin. Overall, our work process is as follows:

  • Assess the extent of concrete damage
  • Assess potential causes
  • Consult about materials and methods of repair
  • Arrange all materials and equipment for work date
  • Prep the area if indoors, allowing proper ventilation
  • Perform repairs
  • Allow to set unless concrete leveling is usable on completion
  • Verify for customer satisfaction
  • Provide certification documents and final billing

Concrete Crack Repair and Concrete Leveling Strategies

Different solutions apply depending on the depth and size of a crack or hole and its location. There are both chemical and more eco-friendly solutions depending on the nature of the problem. Every strategy, however, requires the expertise of a certified, licensed, insured concrete contractor, and our team can help you make your concrete last.

Before we begin any repair, we try to isolate causes and can delay cement repairs until those are resolved. Repair methods include:

  • Epoxy sealant and coating
  • Polyurethane sealant and coating
  • Grinding
  • Slab-jacking
  • Dry-pack
  • Grouting
  • Aggregate concrete

Restorative Concrete Foundation Repair

You can trust our professional team to complete foundation repairs no matter how they came about. With Stillo Construction Co Ltd on the job, the structural integrity of your home or business will be restored, with certification to satisfy inspectors and appraisers. Concrete foundation repairs are a great return on investment when you can prove certified professionals completed them, and our team would be happy to oblige.

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