HVAC in Oakville

In Oakville, Stillo Construction Co Ltd services residential and commercial clients in heating and cooling. Our specialists perform HVAC installations, repairs, and maintenance daily, year-round, and never stop training in technological advancements as they develop. We’re the most knowledgeable and skilled HVAC team in the area.

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Stillo Construction Co Ltd: Heating and Cooling Specialists

The only people who should be allowed near your HVAC equipment are professionally trained HVAC contractors. Our team has studied this machinery and equipment for years before earning certification and practicing in the field to gain real experience. No other local HVAC companies offer such a skilled workforce or a high level of customer satisfaction. We’re available to answer questions over the phone, so don’t hesitate to reach us!

Professional HVAC Contractors

In-person assessments and consultations are superior to telephone or e-conferencing, and we provide no-obligation visits, often on the same day we receive an initial call. HVAC services shouldn’t wait, and we see that you have a no-commitment estimate within a day or two at the maximum. We take the time to differentiate between solutions and strategies for your HVAC installation, repair, or maintenance. Ask us anything. We’ll have the answer. Count on us.

Qualified HVAC Services

We’re qualified, certified, licensed, and insured to protect our staff, products, and clients! Every professional HVAC services provider should be able to offer credentials before a project and certification of code adherence after, and we do. Trust us for professional HVAC installations, repairs, and maintenance of:

  • Thermostats
  • Ductwork
  • Ventilation
  • Air conditioning
  • Central air
  • Heat pumps
  • Water heaters
  • Furnaces
  • Air purification systems
  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers

Certified HVAC Repairs

Stillo Construction Co Ltd HVAC repair experts are available by appointment or in case of emergency. If a piece of equipment is making a strange noise, starting and stopping, working at a fraction of its capacity, or just ‘on the fritz,’ we’ll see you in the next day or two. If your heating is entirely out in the coldest winter or the air conditioning blew in the burning sun, that’s an urgent situation, and we’ll respond accordingly. We don’t take overheating or freezing lightly.

Prevention with HVAC Maintenance Packages

Life and death situations can arise with full breakdowns of heating and cooling systems. We’ve seen it. To avoid urgent, uncomfortable, dangerous situations, there’s a simple solution: HVAC maintenance packages. With little disruption or cost to the client, our brilliant, background-checked technicians closely inspect all HVAC systems and equipment and ensure all are fully operational. 

Professional HVAC Installations

We’ve caught countless machines on the brink and restored them before repairs or replacements were necessary. We love providing those savings for clients, but sometimes equipment is too old for maintenance or repairs to restore peak performance. Our great rates and expertise make HVAC installation a much less intimidating venture. 

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