Chimney Repair in Port Credit

Stillo Construction Co Ltd provides fast, affordable chimney repairs in Port Credit. Our chimney repair contractors work quickly but never move on to a new project before the last one is done and the customer is fully satisfied. Every chimney and client gets the attention they deserve, all at a great rate. Call us at (416) 540-4596 now for extraordinary chimney repair.

Stillo Construction Co Ltd: Your Professional Chimney Company

Stillo Construction Co Ltd chimney repair contractors have received intensive training from field veterans and are certified to work on residential and commercial chimneys. Our expertise, knowledge, technique, high-tech equipment, and customer service can’t be beaten. We like to think our chimney company keeps Port Credit safe, one rooftop at a time.

Chimney Company Services

We are here for all things chimney, and we’re always here to provide you with information and advice. We know the latest in fireplace and chimney technology and trends and are happy to consult, so clients get the best for themselves.   Our services include:

  • No obligation assessment
  • No obligation estimate
  • Chimney inspection
  • Chimney cap repairs
  • Chimney flue repairs
  • Chimney leak repairs
  • Chimney sweeping
  • Chimney cleaning
  • Chimney construction
  • Chimney deconstruction

Do I Need Chimney Repair Contractors?

It can be difficult to know when your chimney needs to be repaired. Only certified and highly trained experts can accurately assess the state of a chimney. We do recommend, however, looking up your chimney and checking for tell-tale signs of damage, including:

  • Salt stains indicating moisture indicate a vulnerable chimney
  • Brick spalling, indicating moisture
  • Rusty chimney cap or flashing
  • Missing mortar, indicating risk of chimney collapse
  • Water, tiles, debris, or animal remnants in your fireplace
  • Chimney is tilting

Speedy Chimney Cap Repair

Stillo Construction Co Ltd experts can take care of chimney cap repairs on the same day. Repair or replacement is our specialty, and we carry the materials and equipment with us so clients can get right back to safely enjoying their fireplaces. A broken chimney cap leads to water infiltration and possible blockages in the flue – these are matters that property owners should avoid for the safety of their homes.

Efficient Chimney Flue Repair

Chimney flue repairs are equally important but not as readily resolved. The flue is the most essential part of the chimney system, and when it’s damaged, dangerous risks are present. Flue problems often occur when the original flue is installed incorrectly. Our team has seen this time and again, but we have the skills to repair and replace your flue with the correct material.

Thorough Chimney Leak Repair

Chimney leaks mean a weakened, vulnerable chimney, possibilities for mold contamination, and chimney collapse. There can be a variety of entry points for water, and our specialists won’t stop until we identify and repair every single one. Our chimney repair contractors are thorough and dedicated to ensuring dry, healthy chimneys.

Book Our Chimney Repair Services Now in Port Credit

Fire and toxic air prevention are in everyone’s best interest and so easy to achieve with Stillo Construction Co Ltd. Reserve one now at (416) 540-4596.