Hardwood Flooring in Port Credit

Hardwood flooring anchors every room with style. Without professional installation, however, a host of problems will likely arise during or after the process – so be sure to hire a trusted team.

Stillo Construction Co Ltd is the team to know in Port Credit. We can be relied on to deliver meticulous, by-the-book, highest-quality hardwood installation.

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Hardwood Floor Installation Success with Stillo Construction Co Ltd

We have developed our skills working for years in the flooring industry, and we take the quality of our work very seriously. All our workers have been to a trade school and hold a certificate. Practice and experience in the field, knowledge of all wood stains, and customer service prowess are integral to what gets someone onboard. To learn more about our high standards, call our expert hardwood contractors today!

Safe Wood Floor Installation

For added value, you need proof that a certified wood floor installation company performed your installation. We’re licensed and certified and are happy to provide proof at the project’s completion. Stillo Construction Co Ltd is insured, to clients’ benefit, should an accident occur. Uninsured companies leave property owners vulnerable and responsible fiscally in case of property damage or worker’s compensation payouts. We protect you.

Hardwood Installation Process

We start with an informative no-obligation assessment. We collect the information we need, assess the state of the existing floor, and take precise measurements. We help the client determine the exact specifications of the project so we can calculate an estimate. Different rooms used in different ways are better suited to some hardwood than others. To narrow options, we bring samples. We’ll identify what best meets needs, tastes, and budget.

Full Wood Floor Installation Service

We have easy access to every hardwood flooring imaginable, in various finishes, colors, and planks. Before the final estimate is calculated, we’ll walk clients through it to find their ideal choice. Our customer service is based on integrity and hard work to earn return business and full satisfaction. Our hardwood floor contractors will breakdown characteristics of:

  • Maple
  • Oak (red and white)
  • Pine
  • Fir
  • Birch
  • Ebony
  • Hickory
  • Bamboo
  • Cherry
  • Walnut

Skilled Wood Floor Contractors

We love demonstrating how organized, detail-oriented, and professional hardwood flooring installations should be. Our project managers’ role is to guarantee client’s wishes are being met during the project. The right materials in the right place at the right time and installed to perfection. Count on us to get the core parts of the process correct every time:

  • The best hardwood choice was made for the client’s needs and budget
  • There’s enough material to finish the job
  • Wood is properly acclimated before installation
  • The floor is level
  • The layout is stellar, preplanning each piece’s location
  • The subfloor is intact and dry, without damage
  • Ample use of nails affixing planks in place
  • Proper sanding, edging, gap space
  • If sealing, staining, or coating, proper ventilation, and a clean floor

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If you’ve decided to treat yourself to the hardwood floor of your dreams and want a proper return on investment, flooring that looks great and performs perfectly for years, hire us for its installation. We’re the installation company of your dreams! Reach us at (416) 540-4596 now!